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What is CPanel

What is CPanel

With a variety of tools and resources available online, jump-starting a website is no longer a complex activity only techies can master. This is especially true in relation to website builders such as Wix or whose simplicity and features quickly conquered a number of small business owners worldwide.

However, those who intend to build big websites and develop a serious business online typically need a web hosting solution that offers a greater flexibility. This includes more storage and bandwidth resources, as well as advanced permissions for managing domains, files, email accounts and a variety of other activities necessary to run a website smoothly.

To do all this, webmasters need to use a specific control panel, most popular of which is cPanel, a Linux-based web hosting control panel currently used by millions of website owners out there.

What is a cPanel?

cPanel provides a sturdy graphical interface and automation tools that are designed to make the process of hosting a website much easier. The interface utilizes a three-tier structure that enables admins, web hosting resellers and end-users to have more control over various website features and server administration via standard web browsers. Essentially, cPanel enables you to:

–        Create and manage email accounts

–        Manage security settings

–        Set up domains, subdomains, addon domains, parked domains and redirects

–        Manage files, folders and monitor your disk space usage

–        Access databases and track your website’s performance

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